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How? It's love of AI, our Brains and Body

Scientifically speaking, illness is a good thing - it is a way to signal to higher awareness systems on what is wrong. Body's signals should be interpreted and acted upon.

Studies show that a lot of those unpleasant body signals you and I feel are echoes of emotional, psychological, spiritual and social stress.

PsyAtlas™ combines three very distinct science fields to read and translate those signals: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Psychosomatics (officially called "consultation liaison psychiatry" in US).

Our practice shows that this is the key to super-health and also happiness for people, and here's how it works:

  1. ,
  2. those body signals are "translated" into reasons (stressors, conflicts, traumas, bad life strategies) in individuals life,
  3. achievable steps are generated to resolve possible conflicts in every area,
  4. after so that the body releases necessary "end of conflict" hormones and starts recovery process,
How It Works
Tell us what hurts

Users journey starts with highlighting pain points in the body. It's very simple.

You will learn the cause

Those body signals are "translated" into reasons (stressors, conflicts, traumas, bad life strategies) in individuals life. Once the conflict is finished, the body will launch the "end of conflict" protocols and start the recovery process.

And we will help you remove it

An in-app AI Therapist will guide patients, asking therapeutic questions and explaining the provided solutions 24/7, and our top-level qualified human professionals will be ready help with deeper and more complex conflicts.

At least 24% of patients suffer
from psychological diseases,
with NO organic causes
A high percent (up to 70% in some studies) of clinics patients across the world have illness not of functional or organic origin, making the standard treatment of such patients inefficient (and 2x more expensive).

It doesn't mean their illness is not real, it's just of different origin,
an origin that is neglected by both patients and doctors.
Each illness has a reason and purpose
The signals of the body should be interpreted and acted upon, as said above. The interpretation is the key.

PsyAtlas gives a easy to use visual way to get this process right for every user, regardless of their level of vocabulary, body parts knowledge or medical degree. It also understands the combinations of pains in a single pattern.

What PsyAtlas can give you?
What problems we can solve right now
Services and prices
Free Services
Free initial consultation
Currently I am only offering free consultations, after which we can decide on what is the best way for you to heal whatever it is that's disturbing you. I'm doing it for free so that I can explain to you what to avoid and what to look for, and maybe someday you will advocate it too and we will heal humanity together.
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€0 per month
We're welcome all - patients, science enthusiasts, therapists and everyone else - to join in and make our app better and more precise. People who sign up now will get all the app's features in exchange for their valuable feedback!
For-Fee Services
Follow up sessions/consultations
€100 per hour
If you really want to work with me, this would be the average price for my time due to my high load in other businesses. Don't worry though, I would rather have you working with some more experienced specialists than me, for a smaller cost. My interest is to introduce you to the science here and build it further.
PsyAtlas App (after public release)
€30 per month
We will provide a detailed atlas of human body with psychological reasoning for localisation of disease, as well as AI that will serve as entry-level therapist, and a way to contact professional therapists to suit any need.
Pre-register for the PsyAtlas app
We will send you development updates once a month and then a free invite to the app itself, once it reaches a working Beta version.
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Please reach out to us via Telegram or by email: hello@psyatlas.com

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